Career development.
Further training. Go further.

Our employees are fascinated by the idea of becoming that little bit better every day for the benefit of the customer.

People make the difference at RATIONAL.

Only individuals who have a passion for what they do every day can perform to their strengths and have the necessary freedom to be successful and find sense and enjoyment in what they do.

This is why it is important for us to enable our employees the chance to develop their strengths in order to leverage the best possible benefits for all our customers, colleagues and themselves.

A comprehensive introductory training, regular performance and potential assessments and an individual development strategy based on these measures are integral elements of our corporate identity. We provide a diverse range of further training opportunities, in-house training and management programs and on-the-job learning with the chance of developing new areas of activity, on a national and international scale.

Expect the best from RATIONAL -
we never stand still!

Our managers have a unique responsibility. Managers see themselves as the first amongst equals and engage with employees on eye level. They encourage freedom of speech and create the optimum climate for the best personal and professional developments.


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