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Are you approaching the end of your school education? Have you considered an apprenticeship training at RATIONAL?
Our trainees and apprentices are proud to work for RATIONAL. They have mastered the jobs they have been trained to do, have refined their working methods and can make decisions independently.

Our objective: To take on our apprentices

We specifically qualify our apprentices with the objective of filling vacant positions with internal candidates. We offer you permanent employment once you have passed your examinations!

Our apprenticeship courses.
Find the right start for you.

Industrial manager.
The career for all-rounders interested in business finance organisation.

Assist the entire company process from a business management perspective - from the incoming order to customer service.


Industrial mechanic.
The career for enthusiastic metalworkers with an interest in electrics.

Learn all about metalworking and processing of plastics, metal and non-ferrous metals; e.g. separating, machining, bonding and moulding and a lot more besides.


IT specialist for system integration.
The profession for helpful IT.

Become an IT expert and help our global team of end users.


IT specialist for application development.
The career for enthusiastic IT programmers.


Warehouse logistics specialist.
The career for those interested in logistics.

Besides order picking and packaging goods, learn lots more about logistics and warehouse operations - become a warehouse logistics specialist.


Mechatronics engineer.
Career for all rounders interested in both metal and electrics.

Learn how to design, install and check electric and electronic circuits, controls and switches.


The profession for the gourmet with a strong passion for food and its preparation.

Learn the professional and perfect preparation and presentation of food to inspire your customers.


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