RATIONAL, the employer.
People make the difference at RATIONAL.

We are a family-oriented company and are active on a global stage. At RATIONAL, tradition and innovation are not in contradiction to each other, they mutually strengthen each other to pursue the sustainable development of our company.

Our success is based on the maximum benefits which we can leverage for our customers. Our employees follow this maxim every day, deploying all their various strengths and energy. We look for individuals who enjoy incorporating their expertise and experience into our committed team of employees and are passionate about designing today's and tomorrow's kitchen environment.

We expect you to bring motivation and dedication and will reward you with a performance-related pay and bonuses which depend on your field and location of work. Yet money isn't everything and our employees not only enjoy coming to work every day, 94 % of them stated that they are proud to work for RATIONAL.*

* Result of an in-house company survey in 2015.

These topics dominate your work at RATIONAL:


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