Whitefficiency® - proven sustainability for over 40 years.

Since the company was established back in 1973, the principles of responsible and sustainable activity have been firmly rooted in RATIONAL. Whitefficiency® is our contribution to sustainability that begins right from product development. We work in close collaboration with universities to find solutions that save on resources.

Our commitment is reflected in our environmentally certified production and energy-efficient sales logistics, the intelligent low-energy efficient buildings, the regularly reviewed eco-audit according to DIN ISO 14001 and to the return and recycling of our old appliances.

This makes RATIONAL a pioneer in sustainability for an entire industry.

Significant reduction in resource footprint.
With multi-functional cooking appliances.

Our multi-functional cooking appliances contribute enormously to reducing the energy and resource footprint in industrial kitchens. This is underpinned by the project commissioned by the Zurich University of Applied Sciences:

"34 % less electricity and 53 % less water consumption with a choice are all arguments for the use of multi-functional cooking appliances in professional kitchens".

With RATIONAL cooking technology, you save on energy, water and raw ingredients and produce significantly less waste. This innovative cooking technology delivers maximum flexibility and power and meets the highest standards in cooking quality.

The results of the resource consumption analysis based on a before-after comparison speak for themselves: The cheapest form of energy is energy that we do not consume.


"Sustainable business and taking on responsibility for society have been integral elements of our business and production processes since the foundation of RATIONAL."

Dr. Peter Stadelmann

Dr. Peter Stadelmann

Chairman of the Executive Board (CEO)


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