Graduate programme.
Individual management development and promotion.

Starting with our graduate program means being responsible for your specialized fields and being the person of contact within the company when it comes to your assigned subjects and projects.

We are committed to filling 70 % of all supervisor and management positions internally within the company. Our graduate programme is aimed at nurturing the managers of tomorrow and laying the foundation for the success of the company and its employees.

RATIONAL offers a career development programme tailored to your particular needs where you can gather international experience.

Overview of advantages:
  • Intensive career tracking
  • Modular and individual structure
  • Consolidate knowledge in 3-4 company divisions
  • Permanent contracts
  • Flexible starting time

Our most important factor for success are qualified employees.
Corporate quality is employee quality.

There are many doors open to university graduates who join our company through the graduate programme – your strengths and the current needs of the company determine where you are placed, whether in engineering, sales & marketing or in finance & administration.

Enjoy the benefits of our graduate programme and gain experience in a variety of areas with various managers and team colleagues in order to incorporate your abilities and skills and consolidate your know-how and broad understanding of the company.

Develop innovative high-tech solutions.

Are you interested in advancing our products? Is strategic thinking one of your strengths?


Sales & Marketing.
Bring our products and services to life.

Developing concepts is one of your strengths? Sales means for you: customer service?


Finance & Administration.
Are you good with figures and financial operations?

Are you quick at analysing complex problems? Do you enjoy solving tricky problems?


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