Corporate Philosophy.
Something really special.

It has been pursued for over 40 years and permanently dictates how we treat our customers, employees, suppliers and investors.

The RATIONAL philosophy guides us in how we think and act.

Our three core elements:
  • Impressed customers
  • Consistent focus
  • Intrapreneurship - Entrepreneur within the company

Impressed customers.
Our utmost objective.

We want to offer maximum benefits to those preparing hot food in large and commercial kitchens, as well as the best solutions for their daily kitchen routines and the best cooking support. For more than 40 years, this has been our rule of etiquette. And dictates how we act with our customers, suppliers, employees and investors. Undoubtedly the reason why 93% of our customers worldwide confirm that RATIONAL offers maximum customer benefit.

A happy chef working with a RATIONAL appliance.

Consistent focus.
We focus on cooking, and only on that.

We are now setting ourselves this challenge with two appliance lines, which have made us worldwide specialists in the transfer of heat energy to food of all kinds. The SelfCookingCenter® and the CombiMaster® Plus work with the combination of steam and heat, while the VarioCookingCenter® transfers the heat through contact heat. All the appliances together generate gains in flexibility, efficiency and sustainability in the day-to-day challenges in the kitchen.

Entrepreneur within the company:
Freedom. And responsibility.

RATIONAL would not be what it is today without its employees: Every employee is encouraged to act as an independent entrepreneur in the company - working with dedication, responsibility and in the interest of the entire company. This approach seems to be on point, as 89% of our employees are proud to be working for RATIONAL.

Employees at the RATIONAL plant.

"Our employees are the most important key to the success of our customers. Our principle of "Entrepreneur in the Enterprise" enables and expects responsible and sustainable thinking and acting from every single individual."

Dr. Peter Stadelmann

Dr. Peter Stadelmann

Chairman of the Executive Board (CEO)



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