Working at RATIONAL.
Your path within our company.

What do you need to satisfy not only our customers but also yourself?

We concentrate intensively on this question at RATIONAL.

We focus everything on customer benefits and this is achieved by people, for people. This is why we believe it is essential for every employee to understand what our customers need. We give all our employees the chance to develop their strengths in order to leverage the best possible benefits for all our customers, both internal and external. We are convinced that individuals who can work to their strengths not only perform better but also find more sense and enjoyment in what they do and are more satisfied.

A comprehensive introductory training, regular performance and potential assessments, and an individual development strategy based on these measures are integral elements of our corporate identity. We provide a diverse range of further training opportunities, in-house training and management programs, and on-the-job learning with the chance of developing new areas of activity, on a national and international scale.

Expect the best from RATIONAL - we never stand still!

Your training at RATIONAL.

The better the foundation, the higher and stronger the building can grow: Besides an intensive professional introductory training to your new areas of work, we also believe it is crucial for you to get to know the company, its philosophy and products.

We offer employees various opportunities to do this especially when they start working for us. You will be invited to take part in a variety of events such as a cooking event, a company workshop or a tandem visit with an employee in a different process.


Voluntary benefits.

In addition to the contractually agreed remuneration, our employees can also profit from various voluntary social benefits. They vary depending on location and can range from benefits for specific family occasions or company anniversaries to special holidays, team events, trips, meal allowances or support for further training activities or insurance packages.



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