Dual study programme.
The practical way to a Bachelor.

Have you passed your examinations and you've graduated from school?

Due to the growth of our company, we specifically qualify our apprentices with the objective of filling vacant positions with internal candidates.

Here you can find various opportunities to take part in dual study programmes, a combination of working and studying to interconnect theoretical training at a university with the basic practices of different business fields.

Our partner universities:

Our dual study programmes.
Find the right start for you.

International Business dual study programme.
The international economics degree course.

Study with RATIONAL to gain an insight into the areas of marketing, sales, purchasing, production, accounting, finances, human resources, controlling and customer service.


Mechatronics dual study programme.
The technical degree course for innovation.

Study mechatronics while learning how to develop and produce our appliances at the same time.


Mechanical Engineering dual study programme.
The study course for construction and development.

Study mechanical engineering and learn practical engineering skills at the same time.


Industrial engineering dual study programme - Life Cycle Catering.
The study course in the nutrition industry.

Study with RATIONAL to gain an insight into administration and technical areas, associated with culinary arts, design and sensor technology, project & data management, product and services development.


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