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We offer two products that are far and above the competition:

  • The SelfCookingCenter®
  • The VarioCookingCenter®

Our list of satisfied companies include the Bayern Munich Allianz Arena, the White House and Buckingham Palace, Kentucky Fried Chicken as well the small Italian restaurant around the corner.

The intelligent combi steamer.

The SelfCookingCenter® transfers heat by steam, convection or a combination of both. The key USP (Unique Selling Point) is its cooking intelligence which automatically calculates the best cooking path to produce the perfect results every time without having to monitor the food. It is the only intelligent cooking system with five senses which senses, recognises, thinks ahead, learns from the chef and even communicates with him. The chef has more time to focus on the essentials: creativity and the well-being and enjoyment of his guests.


Questions & Answers.

A combi steamer is a professional cooking appliance which is primarily used in commercial kitchens preparing 30 meals a day and upwards.

A RATIONAL combi steamer therefore has three cooking modes in a single appliance: "Moist heat = steam", "dry heat = convection" and both combined. These modes can be selected individually, successively or combined, which is what is called combi-steam.

A distinction is made between three basic functions:

  • Steaming between 30°C to 130°C
    Fresh steam is produced in the steam generator and conveyed into the cooking cabinet in an unpressurised state and then dispersed with the fan wheel. This function is particularly suitable for vegetables, potatoes and fish.
  • Combined steam (hot steam):
    This reaches a temperature range between 30-300° Celsius with 0-100 % exact humidity. The combi steamer is particularly suited to all types of roasting, meat and poultry, as well as fish and baked goods.
  • Convection / dry heat:
    Using convection air, a temperature range between 30-300° Celsius with 0-100 % exact humidity can be reached. Particularly suited to all pan fried dishes, such as steaks, grilled products and side dishes like roast potatoes and baking pizza.

The variety of cooking programs available, and the fact that they can be combined, provides users with practically limitless options. Whether our customers want to steam, blanch, grill, braise, bake or roast - thanks to the combi steamer all cooking methods are possible with only one appliance.

With the variety of sizes, robust equipment, extensive range of accessories and various connection options (electric or gas), our appliances provide practically unlimited possibilities of use.

More and more professional catering facilities from all kinds of areas are using combi steamers:

  • Restaurants, catering
  • Hospitals, retirement homes and daycare centres
  • Schools, universities
  • Food service industry
  • Ships, oil rigs
  • Hotels
  • Catering and party service
  • Petrol stations, service areas
  • Snack & bake, supermarkets, butchers

Our customers can take care of 90 % of all cooking applications in our combi steamers.

Just consider for a moment a menu offering juicy steaks with potato wedges, steamed vegetables and for a dessert a delicious apple pie. For the kitchen, this means:

  • Grilled steak = grill
  • Potato wedges = deep-fat fryer
  • Steamed vegetables = steamer
  • Apple pie = oven

Using a combi steamer, you simply save on all four of these kitchen appliances.

Of course!
Thanks to the appropriate accessory, the chef can prepare a steak with a grilled pattern at least as good as on the grill. If the guest orders a "medium" steak, a core temperature probe will monitor the core temperature of the product to be cooked and will make the combi steamer switch off automatically when the pre-set temperature is reached. You no longer need to turn the steaks by hand or watch them constantly. A combi steamer will even cook them on all sides.

How does it do vegetables? In the combi steamer, the vitamins and minerals in the vegetables are preserved thanks to the powerful fresh steam generator, which also guarantees top food quality. The food retains its natural colour and flavour and the dish looks appetizing and is healthy.

The apple pie too will be a real taste experience. Baked in the combi steamer, the pastry will remain nicely fluffy and the apples particularly juicy. Dried out pies are a thing of the past!


The VarioCookingCenter® cooks in liquids or using contact heat. The VarioCookingCenter® is up to four times faster than similar products with up to 40 percent less power consumption. The cooking intelligence controls the cooking process fully automatically and adjusts it to the food you are cooking. The chef is notified as soon as he has to perform a task himself. Nothing will boil over, burn or overcook. Once you've discovered the advantages, you will not want to cook with anything else.

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